Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comparing grocery prices

I just took a late night trip to the local grocery store to compare prices on groceries I bought last week. I knew there would be some big differences, especially with the things I got at a liquidator store. But there were some surprises as well... sometimes bulk isn't the best price! I'm so excited to see what I'm really saving though! My favorite is the Starbucks coffee! I'll put the prices I could have paid in ( ). Some are not exact, due different package sizes, having to figure out ounces vs pounds, etc.

S +S Liquidators:

3 cans S+W white beans 1.17 (3.00)
1 can tomato paste .29 (.99)
2 bunches of bananas 1.00 (1.77)
2 onions .50 (1.18)
Disp razors 1.99 (5.49)
5 bulbs garlic 1.00 (2.50)
1 lb fresh ginger 1.00 (3.99)
Kettle chips (big bag) .99 (2.50)
Quaker Oat squares 1.99 (3.99)
Fiber One honey clusters 1.99 (4.49)
Fiber One bars .99 (3.00)
1oz Cheerios container .25 (1.99)
Starbucks 12 oz beans x2 3.49 (17.98)

TOTAL 16.65 (52.87)

So that's pretty amazing right?

Here's Winco:

Thomas Bagel (ww) 1.48 (4.19)
WW Tortilla 2.98 (5.49)
Mozzarella cheese 2 lb 3.98 (5.99)
Bandon cheddar 2 lb 4.98 (6.49)
Cream Cheese x2 1.96 (2.98)
4 lbs Chicken legs 4.03 (4.03)
½ lb sliced pepperoni 1.95 (2.50)
2.09 lb broccoli 2.05 (4.15)
Green onions .48 (.79)
5 lb potato 1.28 (2.99)
1.58 lb Fuji apple 1.39 (1.58)
2.49 lb oranges 1.44 (2.44)
Olive oil spray 2.16 (2.79)
Kraft BBQ sauce .98 (1.97)
Whipped topping 1.18 (1.50)
Langers apple juice 1.58 (1.99)
3 lbs beef patties 5.98 (7.99)
.29 lb yeast .89 (6.49)
3.45 lb sugar 1.86 (1.37)
.35 lb baking powder .37 (1.19)
.28 lb flax seed meal .40 (1.31)
.20 lb slivered almonds .82 (3.95)
4.86 lb white bread flour 1.99 (2.05)

TOTAL 46.21 (76.22)

Alot of the ( ) were sale prices even! Some items didn't have that much of a difference in price, but things like the yeast?? Shocker! I love it! Things like spices and baking stuff (but watch the chocolate chips...) are way cheaper in bulk. Flour and sugar, not necessarily, as you can see. But all together, we're talking about a 50% savings!! I paid $62.86 total and could have spent $126.23. Even with the gas it took me to get to these stores (30-ish miles round trip), still WAY worth it.

Evan, almost 17 months old, sitting in his new chair, and sporting his boots and plaid shirt he brought me to put on him.

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  1. how in the world did you have time and energy to post all that info? I need to hire you to tell me where to shop! I shop with 2 cranky kids an dI know I just throw stuff in the cart as fast as I can to get out of the dang store! Plus our really only option is Wally world oh and we do have a liquidator store but we never get to the food part because by the time we get done jumping on the rugs and playing with the toys someone is crying hungry or needs to go to the bathroom. Adventures in grocery shopping on my non existent blog would tell us how much blood was lost, how many tears shed, and who fell out of the cart!!! :)
    keep up the good work Jones! you are inspiring!