Friday, March 13, 2009

Home made baby wipes

So since I've been trying to cut down on our grocery budget, I've been trying my hand at making different things. Today I made another batch of baby wipes. This is only the 2nd time I've done this, and might still try a different recipe or paper towel (I've read that the blue shop towels work great). But for now, this is how I did it.

A while ago, I bought a roll of Viva paper towels for 1.98 at Winco. You cut it in half so you have a roll more like the size of toilet paper and take the cardboard tube out. Put paper towels inside airtight container. (I used a square 2.6 liter Tupperware because that's the only airtight container about the right size that I have right now. Others recommend a round container where you can keep roll upright.) Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, and add to that 1 tsp each of baby oil, baby lotion, and baby wash. I used ABC Arbonne Baby Care because I know its pure, safe and beneficial! :) Stir everything in the hot water, but don't shake, it will suds up. Pour mixture over towels, turning, soaking the whole roll. I had to squeeze the roll to distribute the liquid a bit, and then there was some in the bottom of the container that I poured on some dry spots.

It works better for me to just take off a "wipe" from the outside of the roll, although I've seen it recommended that you take from the inside. Maybe that method would work better with a different brand of paper towel. I also have to turn the roll on its side and flatten it a bit in order for it to fit in the container.

Some people have had problems with wipes starting to mildew or go bad and have had to add some sort of natural (after all, that is one of the reasons to make your own baby wipes, so we KNOW what is in them!) antiseptic, but I didn't have any problems with that. I'm sure I used a batch of wipes like this for at least 2 weeks.

So I'm impressed with how long a roll lasted (even with my husband using half a roll for one poopy diaper!). Right now, my 15 month old only has 1-2 icky diapers a day, so I would imagine when the new baby arrives, we'll be going through them much faster! But for the price and especially for me knowing exactly what's in them, I think its worth it!


  1. Sara, I didn't know you had a blog! Pretty fun, huh? I was chuckling when you mentioned Viva, my most fav paper towels, but kinda spendy. One day, I was at Walmart getting some Viva, and an elderly lady tells me, "I just love Viva, do you know you can actually rinse them out and hang them up to dry to reuse them?" Well, I'm thinking, I thought paper towels were to throw away!

  2. I've been meaning to do this for awhile. Maybe I'll be picking up some paper towels in the near future. :)