Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Groceries for 2/23-2/28

I was gone all weekend at a ladies retreat so had to rush my menu planning sunday afternoon when I got home. I was going to LV anyway for a "home engineering" class, so needed to do groceries quickly while we were there so I didn't have to make another trip. Only had time for Winco. Here's what I picked up while my son grinned his cheesy grin at all the employees and other customers.

Sorry, no picture, I'll try to do better next week. I actually feel pretty good about the total this week, and I didn't even get to the liqidator stores where I could have gotten a few things cheaper. I'm pulling a 20 lb turkey out of the freezer this week we got for free from the in-laws so that will go toward most meals. YAY!

Be sure to check out Grocery Cart Challenge where I got the idea to post this kind of stuff in the first place!

Viva paper towels 1.98 (making my own baby wipes this week, so wanted to try a quality brand)
off brand paper towels .58
Cottage cheese 1.83
butter x2 3.96
Yoplait yogurt x8 4.32 (haven't been buying yogurt lately (to much sugar and hormones in yoplait) but it was something different for husband's lunch this week)
till swiss cheese, sliced 2.48
2 jars of baby food 1.32 (it was dinner time... was rushing. I usually make all my baby food)
hunts spagetti sauce .98 (I forgot the one I had at home for the class!)
Ghir chocolate/peanut butter squares 1.49
buttermilk 1.38
4.81 lbs bananas 2.79
2.97 lbs yams 2.61
1.26 lbs bulk old fash oats .53 (making granola bars again!! yum yum)
1.02 lbs bulk ww spagetti noodles .81
.69 lbs bulk ww rotelle .71
1 lb lunch meat (ham) 2.01
1 lemon .48
Lettuce 1.48
green onion .48
2.97 lbs bulk ww flour 1.10
bread 1.38
ww english muffins .98
1.31 lbs broccoli 1.02
.44 lbs roma tomato .43
.14 lbs bulk black pepper .26 (just noticed my receipt says cayenne pepper...)
2.73 lb cantelope 1.86
.04 lbs bulk minced onion .14
.54 lbs yellow onion .26
.02 lbs bulk paprika .08
.02 lbs bulk garlic powder .05
.05 lbs bulk yeast .15
1 bulb garlic .38
5 doz eggs 6.18
1.58 lbs braeburn apples 1.39

2 gallons lucerne milk 3.98

TOTAL 52.06

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